Thanks to our Volunteers!

Our VEX Robotics Program operated with the help of several volunteers ranging from High School Students to Alumni to Staff and Adults. They help us whenever they're needed. For example they help us set up, maintain, and manage our VEX Competition Events and help us prepare for special events at the high school. Without the special dedication and effort from these people and organizations, we wouldn't be able to run any of the events that we host.

Amador Valley High School Friends of Music Program

Grubmaster Team Volunteers — Food Coordination and Hospitality

Non Team Volunteers

Connie Chen — Team Check Coordinator
Winnie Lang — Team Check Coordinator
Khim Yang — Field Official
Dennis Ryder — Field Assistant
Kevin Drucker — Admin Assistant
Andrei Rekesh — Admin Assistant
Norman Apalis — Qualification Inspector
Leo Cruz Jr. — Qualification Inspector
Trevor Youn — Qualification Inspector
Dennis Huang — Qualification Inspector
Raj Singh — Vex Judge and Event Coordinator
Dennis Yang — Vex Judge
Melany Apalis — Vex Judge
Per Wadmark — Vex Judge
Razvi Mohammed Abdul — Schedule Coordinator
Lorrie Drucker — Hospitality
Joan Apalis — Hospitality
Ayush Roy — Head Vex Referee
Tim Kanarsky — Referee and Volunteer Check-In
Jake Friedman — Referee
David Zhang — Skills Referee
Calvin Qin — Skills Referee
Spencer Porter — Field Assistant
Yezzen Alrawi — Qualification Inspector

Team Volunteers

Gabriel Drucker — Vex TM Operator
Daniel Ryder — Vex TM Operator
Rishav Singh — Emcee
Sophie Wells — Emcee
Ellie Huang — Volunteer Check-In
Lucas Yang — Field Manager
Hrithik Pai — Skills Field Manager
Daniel Youn — Field Assistant
Marcus Lang — Field Assistant
Mohsin Zaidi — Field Assistant
Josh Friedman — Field Assistant
Ethan Apalis — Schedule Coordinator

Special Thanks

Steve Rummell - REC Foundation Regional Support Manager
Tony Dennis - Event Partner
Lorrie Drucker - Adult Organizer
Raj Singh - Adult Organizer
Joan Apalis - Adult Organizer

Pleasanton VRC
Amador Valley High School
Pleasanton, California