The Flock

Amador Valley High School VRC Team from Pleasanton, California

Flocking Away Insurance $15

Want to keep the flock from migrating
back to your yard? Then Flocking away
insurance is for you! With our world
class insurance, the flock is guaranteed
never to return.


Fly Flock Fly $15

Want that flock to migrate before their
natural migration? Then this option is for
you! Get the birds off your property now
and decide who gets ‘em next!


Feed the Flock $15

Jealous of the flock in someone else's yard? Want to flock your Amador Senior? Then get ready to feed the flock! Purchase today to direct the migration your way!


Get Flocked $15

Haven't got the flock to migrate over to you, but want / know someone who would love the flock? Then this option is for you! This option allows you to send the flock to any Amador Senior of your choosing!


What is the Amador Senior Flocking?
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The Amador Senior Flocking is a fundraiser hosted by the Amador VRC Robotics Teams, the Avengineers. We put on this fundraiser to celebrate the Amador Seniors. All proceeds go towards benefiting the Avengineers Robotics Teams.

Why are there birds in my yard?!?
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Congratulations! If the Senior Flock has migrated to your yard, a friend has selected your address as their next destination. If you wish to evict the flock before their natural migration (every 3 to 5 days), then be sure to donate using one of our donation links below!

Do I have to donate for the flock to migrate?
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No. You do not have to donate for the Amador Senior Flock to migrate, but we certainly hope you do. If you donate, you get to decide where the flock migrates to next!

I already sent that flock away! Why the flock is it back?
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The Amador Senior Flock loves to migrate all around Pleasanton. If the flock decided to migrate back to your yard, then they will. If you wish for the flock to never come back, then make sure to get our Flocking Away Insurance!

Have any questions not listed?
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In case you have a question regarding the Amador Senior Flock, you can contact our professional flocking crew at