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Team #1155A
Amador Valley HS
Pleasanton, CA

We are AVHS VEX 1155A

Amador Valley High School VRC Team from Pleasanton, California
Avengineers Team 2018-2019

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire students to become skilled leaders and engineers by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills. The Amador Valley High School Robotics Program stimulates innovative thinking and fosters self-confidence, responsibility, communication, and leadership development. Our program encourages all members to participate in all aspects of preparing a robot for competition through the multidisciplinary field of robotics. Our teammates push each other to achieve and exceed expectations as we reach for continually higher levels of understanding, work, community, and success in the VEX Robotics Competition.

Avengineers 2019

We are a VEX Robotics team of ambitious students who have a passion for technology, mathematics, and engineering. Every week Monday through Thursday, our team of twenty members meets at our school's Design and Model Lab to work on our VEX Robotics Competition Robot. Our goal is to create a welcoming engineering team that promotes teamwork and efficient problem solving. Avengineers is a place for or all students who want to expand their knowledge in STEM to apply their interests to hands-on engineering challenges. Over the years, our team has won multiple awards and we look forward to performing even better this year.

Since 2016, our team has experienced considerable growth with our incoming freshmen classes; with said growth, we intend to provide an environment where our new members are fully immersed and interested in what we do as a club. If you are currently a student attending Amador Valley High School, meet us at 3:15 (Mondays through Thursdays) in G-1 and G-2 and check out the team!

As we look toward future opportunities to grow our robotics club, the Amador Valley High School VEX Robotics Competition Team would like to invest in starting in a second VRC Team, 1155B. An expansion to our current program will require significant amounts of member time investment and dedication, however, as the 2018-2019 VEX season ends, the team is thrilled to prepare opening up more STEM opportunities to the largest class of freshmen to come to Amador Valley in 2019-2020.

Meet our Team Leaders

Gabriel Drucker
Team Captain
Team Captain 2018-2019
Class of 2021
Rishi Singh
Team Captain
Team Captain 2018-2019
Class of 2020
Lucas Yang
Team Captain
Team Captain 2018-2019
Class of 2020
Amador Valley High School VEX Program
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